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Hedda Gabler (Norwegian pronunciation: [²hedːɑ ˈɡɑːblər]) is a play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.Ibsen was present at the world premiere, which took place on 31 January 1891 at the Residenztheater in Munich.

Original language: Danish

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Hedda plays Ejlert and Mrs. Elvsted against each other, making Ejlert think the other was worried he would begin drinking again. At this hint, he begins to drink and decides to …

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Hedda enters and complains that the maid has opened the windows. Hedda is very particular about the lighting, and Tesman is eager to please her. Aunt Julle produces Jürgen’s old slippers, much to his delight. He wants Hedda to examine them, but she is …

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Hedda Gabler is one of world theatre’s most well-known characters – an icon created by Henrik Ibsen. Here, this deeply psychological play is transformed into a chamber ballet, created by director Marit Moum Aune and performed to new music by Nils Petter Molvær.

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Placed in similar crises as previous Ibsen heroines, Hedda Gabler faces an impasse in her life. Sharing Nora’s craving for freedom and Mrs. Alving’s compliance

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Written in 1890, Hedda Gabler is a high point in Ibsen’s creative life. Although the «social dramas» of his prose period depict full-bodied and believable characters, Ibsen achieved a psychological depth in Hedda Gabler that his later works never surpassed.

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change, and the timelessness of the issue of personal fulfilment versus societal expectation makes Hedda Gabler (1890) one of Ibsen’s most performed plays. At the time, however, Hedda Gabler received some of the worst reviews of his career.

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NT Live: Hedda Gabler National Theatre Live will broadcast Hedda Gabler to over 650 cinemas across the UK, and more internationally, on Thursday 9 March 2017. Selected venues will also showing Encore screenings.

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Jan 27, 2017 · Hedda and Tesman have just returned from their honeymoon and the relationship is already in trouble. Hedda Gabler | An interview with Ruth Wilson